Sample 1: The of Tastes New Mexico

Salad Course

Welcoming New Mexico into the United States
Inhabited by Native American populations for many centuries, New Mexico has also been part of Spain, Mexico, and finally became a U.S. State on January 6, 1912.

Arugula & Hydro-Cress Salad Garnished with Beets, Goat Cheese, Toasted Pistachios, and a Cherry Cider Vinaigrette

Appetizer Course

Indian Tribes in New Mexico
The Indian tribes represented in New Mexico consist primarily of Navajo and Pueblo peoples.

Pueblo – Archaeologists relate the Pueblo to an older Southwest culture known by the term “basket maker.” The Pueblo economy is based on agriculture, supplemented by raising livestock and by the sale of handicrafts. The crops include corn, beans, cotton, melon, squash, and chili peppers. Men generally work the fields, weave, build houses, and conduct ceremonies. Women prepare food, care for children, make pottery and baskets, as well as participate in ceremonies.

Navajo – or Dine, as they call themselves, is the largest tribe of North American Indians. Long ago, their ancestors lived in Northwestern Canada and Alaska. Over 1,000 years ago they began to travel south and reached the southwestern United States. They met the Pueblo Indians and the Navajo began to learn how to plant the Puebloan crops and learned their art, style of weaving, and making clothing.

Butternut Squash Ravioli
Pinon Pesto & Sage Broth

Fish Course

A River Apart
Located along the central Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico and separated by the Rio Grande River, Cochiti and Santo Domingo Pueblos shared a ceramic tradition for centuries until increasing contact with outsiders ushered in tumultuous changes that set the pueblos on divergent paths. Cochiti Pueblo more freely modified its traditional forms of painted pottery to appeal to new markets created when the railroads started bringing in tourists from the East in 1898. The Santo Domingo Pueblo shunned the influences of the tourist trade and art market, continuing a conservative artistic tradition.

Cedar Plank Trout with Sauteed Morels &
Grilled Asparagus


Back to the Beginning – The Clovis Culture
Human occupation of New Mexico stretches back 10,000 years to the Clovis culture of hunter-gatherers. A hallmark of the toolkit associated with this culture is the distinctively-shaped fluted stone spear point, known as the Clovis point. They left evidence of their campsites and stone tools that are very popular today at archaeological sites near Clovis, New Mexico. After the discovery of several Clovis sites in western North America in the 1930s, the Clovis people became regarded as the first human inhabitants of the New World.

Sage Rubbed Buffalo Rib Eye
Sauce Bordelaise
Herb-Smashed Potato

Dessert Course

A Sweet Good Night in New Mexico
Today’s New Mexico population is 43% Hispanic. To honor that culture, Pastry Chef Kaitlin Ojeda offers her version of a popular Spanish-style dessert.

Orange Blossom Tres Leches Cake
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Mexican
Chocolate Sauce

Sample 2: International Evening of Dance

This menu was designed for a client who was taking their CEO level customers to an international night of dance after dinner. Instead of doing a regular banquet meal, Rx for Catering, LLC customized the meal to go in sequence with the countries dancing. The wines were also paired to compliment the various international courses.


Russian Flavors ~ Bolshoi Ballet ~ Moscow, Russia “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself” Mihkail Baryshnikov

The Russian Spoon with American Caviar
Buckwheat Blini with Larkspur Smoked Salmon and Lemon Confit
Champagne Shooter with Citrus Essence


Assorted Spanish Tapas ~ Victor Ullate Ballet ~ Madrid , Spain “I don’t want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance” ~ George Balanchine

Palisade Tomatoes with Machego Cheese and Jamon Serrano Ham
Taylor Bay Scallop Ceviche With Shaved Fennel, Caramelized Shallots & Chervil
Seville Tomato Gazpacho With Cask Aged Sherry

2002 Pazo San Mauro Albarino


Paris Opera Ballet ~ Paris , France “La danse, c’est le movement, et le movement, c’est la vie” (“Dance is movement, and movement is life.”) ~ Ludmilla Chiriaeff

Petite Filet Mignon and Alaskan Halibut With Asparagus, Gratin Dauphinois Pipperade and Classic French Sauces

Chilean wine
Ballet de Santiago ~ Chile , South America “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!” ~ Costanze

2001 Casa La Postelle ‘Cuvee Alexandre’ Chardonnay
2000 Veramonte ‘Primus’ Carmenere, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon


Complexions ~ New York City , New York “You don’t have to know about ballet to enjoy it, all you have to do is look at it.” ~ Edwin Denby

Classic New York Style Cheesecake with Lime ~ Laced Raspberries
Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Herbal Tea

Enjoy Your Evening Of Dance!

Sample 3

Rx for Catering, LLC was contracted to write an opening reception menu for a 5 star hotel in Colorado…

Proposed Menu from the Hotel for Opening Reception

Spring Salad with Bacon, Brie Cheese and Candied Walnuts
Ale Steamed Crawfish with Rosemary Garlic Bruschetta
Chilled Oyster Shooters with Lemon and Tabasco
International Cheese, Sliced Meats and Bread Display
Stout Marinated Rack of Lamb Carving Station
Wheat Beer and Lime Marinated Chicken Breast
Roasted Baby Vegetables
Bacon and Onion Braised Brussel Sprouts
Lyonnaise Potatoes
Mini Grill Sate Station to Include Bison, Chicken and Shrimp With Assorted Dipping Sauces
Southwest Caesar Salad Wraps with Ancho Dressing and Chili Dusted Croutons
Pastry Chef Selection of Desserts

Rx for Catering, LLC Menu That Was Used

Micro Brew Station (Beers & Ciders)
Beer Cheese Soup in Demitasse Cups

Spring Salad w/Bacon, Brie Cheese and Candied Walnuts
Cherry Cider Vinaigrette (Individual)

Pork Chop (small) with Apple Cider Balsamic Sauce & Blue Cheese Potato Gratin

Ale Spicy and Mild Grilled Sausage Glaze Apricot Mustard and Brussel Sprouts (Cut in ½)

Wine & Cordials Station
French Onion Soup w/Cheese Melted Crouton
Served in Demitasse Cups

International Cheese, Sliced Meats, Olives and Bread Display

Fig Glazed Lollipop Lambchops
w/Lemon Mint Cous Cous
Port Wine Sauce

Farm Raised Rainbow Trout ~ Topped with a Hazelnut Butter Sauce
w/Thin Polenta Square

Gran Marnier Glazed Baby Carrots

Whiskey & Bourbon Station
Southwestern Style Caesar Salad Wraps
w/Chili Dusted Cornbread Croutons

Bison Sates Marinated w/Garlic, Olive Oil and
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper Topped With A Jim Beam Sauce
Served with Brown Sugar Baked Beans

Pepper Crusted Jack Daniels Tenderloin
Hungarian Porcini-Potato Latkes (Chef to make fresh)

Salmon Medallion w/Candied Red Onion Relish
On a Bed of White Bean Ragout w/Smoked Bacon & Molasses

Dessert Station & Port Station
Whole Pears Soaked in Port Stuffed With Blue Cheese

“Make Your Own Smore’s Station”

Chef’s Assortment of Bon Bons & French Pastries

Sample 4: Upscale Cold Lunch Menu

Hearty Garden Vegetable Soup
Crispy Bread Sticks

Spinach Salad with Plum Tomatoes, Shredded Carrots and
Sprouts with Blue Cheese and Bacon Crumbles Served on the Side
Ranch and Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Marinated Artichokes, Asparagus, Grilled Red & Yellow Pepper and
Mushroom Salad with Lemon Dill Vinaigrette

Sliced Fresh Fruit Platter with Whipped Cream

Assortment of French Baguette Sandwiches
Rosemary Roasted Thinly Sliced Lamb Topped With Watercress
Sliced Roma Tomatoes and Feta Cheese
Minted Cactus Jam & Tarragon Mayo (on the side)

Chicken Caesar Salad Baguette
Thinly Sliced Grilled Chicken with Romaine Lettuce
Shaved Parmesan Cheese with Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing

Vegetarian with Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Grilled Red Pepper,
Brie Cheese and Sprouts

Assorted Bags of Potato Chips

Haagen- Daz Ice Cream Bars

Assorted Beverages

Sample 5: A Celebration of Pura Vida


The food is inspired by Latin American & Spanish food and is combined with classical cooking techniques. The food is not particular to any one Latin Country, but inspired by them all.

Enjoy our eight course dinner.
The flavors will awaken your taste buds!

Compliments of Executive Chef,
Hector Santiago
Pura Vida Restaurant, Atlanta, GA

First Course ~ Soup

Calabaza & Yellow Tomato Gazpacho
with Peruvian Choclo Corn Espuma

One layer of yellow tomato gazpacho soft gelee garnished with diced cucumber, sliced scallions and recao. Second layer is velvety calabaza gazpacho. Third layer is topped with a choclo espuma.

Recao ~ A cousin of cilantro with a more intense flavor

Calabaza ~ a large hard-skinned Caribbean squash with orange flesh. The inside and taste of calabaza squash is similar to a pumpkin or a butternut squash

Choclo Espuma ~ Choclo is a Peruvian corn that has giant Kernels that is pureed; Espuma is a foam.

Second Course ~ Salad

Hearts of Palm & Guava Salad
with Red Oak, Shaved Cotija Cheese
Guava-Sherry Vinaigrette

Marinated fresh palm hearts, slices of candied guava rind, with red oak lettuce tossed in a Guava-Sherry Vinaigrette. Topped with shaved cotija cheese.

Cotija Cheese ~ is a Mexican aged cheese made from cow’s milk

Guava ~ a tropical fruit that is made into pinkish orange jams and jellies. Guava is a good source of Vitamin A & C.

Sherry Solera ~ this vinaigrette is made from 50 year old Spanish Sherry Vinegar. Solera is a method of aging; sherry and other fortified wines are blended and matured to achieve consistency.

Third Course ~ Fish

Fresh Cod “Chicharrones” al Epazote
with a Huitlacoche & Salted Cod Ragout
& Truffled Malanga Puffs

Crispy Skin filet of cod, seasoned with epazote salt served on top of a huitlacoche & bacalao ragout with poblano peppers, garlic and onions. Served wtih malanga puffs.

Epazote ~ Mexican herb

Huitlacoche ~ is a mushroom that grows inside of the corn kernel. This is often described as the Mexican version of truffles.

Bacalao ~ is salted codfish

Malanga Puffs ~ Malanga is a root vegetable that grows near water and has an earthy flavor.

Fourth Course ~ Pork

Potito Palta
Lemon Lime Port-Confit, Au Jus
with Avacado & Steamed “Chilean” Bun with Cilantro

Potito Plata; pork confit served in its own broth with sliced avacado and steamed Chilean bread bun filled with lemon-lime confit. Topped with micro cilantro and lemon-lime jus, served tableside

Potito Plata ~ Traditional Chilean pork and avacado sandwich

Confit ~ means slow roasted and cooked in its own fat to preserve it

Fifth Course ~ Vegetable

Green & White Asparagus Salad
with Recao, Mint, Hibiscus and Cashews.
Vanilla Bean-Habanero Coconut Vinaigrette

Blanched and Julienned white and green asparagus tossed with pickled garlic, recao, and mint. Tosed with a vanilla bean-habanero-coconut vinegar and topped with chopped cashews and hibiscus flower powder.

Habanero ~ Caribbean floral and very hot pepper. Hottest pepper in the world.

Sixth Course ~ Meat

Bife de Res, al la Plancha
with Fingerling Potato Confit
Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
with Cabrales Cheese and Rioja Beef Jus

Prime Strip Steak, Pan seared with a mixed peppercorn adobo. Served with fingerling potatoes and oven roasted cherry tomatoes. Topped with Cabrales cheese and served with Rioja wine jus.

Adobo ~ Spice rub

Cabrales ~ is a Spanish blue cheese that is a combination of goat, sheep’s and cow’s milk

Rioja ~ Spanish Red Wine

Seventh Course ~ Duck

Duck Leg “Carnitas”
with Duck Confit and Pea Shoots Salad
Rum Glazed Maduros and Duck Jus

Crispy duck confit drumstick with a salad of shredded confit, young pea shoots, crispy peas, fresh peas tossed in a simple vinaigrette and sweet plantains caramelized and glazed with dark rum, thyme, pilon sugar and duck jus.

Plantain ~ A fruit closely related to the banana, but whose higher starch and lower sugar content require tha tit be cooked for savory or sweet dishes; this is a staple food in Latin America.

Pilon Sugar ~ Mexican Raw Sugar

Eighth Course ~ Dessert

Masamorra Morada Gelee
with Guanabana Ice Cream

Warm “Massamorra Morada” gelee with guanabana ice cream. Topped with Guinoa and fruit garnish.

“Massamorra Morada” ~ a peruvian purple corn, pineapple, dried fruits and spices pudding

Guanabana ~ sour sop, a creamy floral tropical fruit


Latino Chocolate Flan made with El Rey and Ibarra Chocolate,
Kaluha Chocolate, Caramel Sauce,
Topped with a crunchy Bruleed Crust

El Rey ~ a dark semisweet Venezuelan Chocolate

Ibarra ~ is a Mexican milk chocolate ~ although this doesn’t have cinnamon in it, you might taste a hint of it.

(See the end of the 2nd Quarter, 2004 Claire Diaries to view this menu)