August 20 at Pura Vida Restaurant

THANK YOU! To Chef Hector Santiago and his team for doing a great job with my buyout of Pura Vida last night.

Here is the menu that we did for the group along with some pictures.

Pura Vida Tapas Bar Welcomes:

Northwest Georgia Oncology


Amuse ~ Tuna Poke, Porque No?

Soy Cassarep Marinated Yellow Fin Tuna Loin, Coffee Nibs, Pickled Garlic & Ginger, Scallions, Red Habanero, Sour Orange “Caviar”  & Tapioca Flakes


Cassarep:  cassava (yuca) syrup seasoned with thyme, pepper, clove & spices

Cassava:  a starchy root vegetable, also known as yuca; it is high in calcium and vitamin C

Coffee Nibs:  ground decaf coffee, cocoa, agave nectar made into crumbs to resemble soil

Tapioca:  the root of the cassava (or yuca) plant, which is found in tropical areas and is very starchy.  It contains calcium and iron


First Course ~ Salad Course

Hearts of Palm & Guava Salad with Red Oak, Shaved Cotija Cheese, Guava-Sherry Vinaigrette

Cotija Cheese ~ is a Mexican aged cheese made from cow’s milk; it is aged, dry in texture and has a robust flavor

Guava ~ a tropical fruit that is made into pinkish orange jams and jellies. Guava is a good source of Vitamin A & C.

Sherry Solera ~ this vinaigrette is made from 50 year old Spanish Sherry Vinegar. Solera is a method of aging; sherry and other fortified wines are blended and matured to achieve consistency.

Second Course ~

Steamed Coconut Buns with Tamarind Chicken

(Or Steamed Coconut Buns with Smoked Tofu with Tamarind for Vegetarians)


Coconut Buns:  A bun made with coconut oil, which gives it a scent of coconut, and cooked by steaming the dough, so they are light and fluffy.

Tamarind:  A tropical fruit from the pod of the tamarind tree, which has a juicy, fleshy pulp that is sweet and sour, high in acid, sugar, B vitamins and calcium



Third Course ~ Beef Course

Chipotle BBQ Beef Rib 

Mayan Adobo Rubbed Beef Short Rib, Slow Cooked, Served with Carrot Slaw & Orange-Chipotle BBQ Sauce


Adobo:  a dry spice mix

Mayan Adobo:  one of Chef Santiago’s Adobo spice mixes; The Mayan adodo contains ground chipotle and ancho peppers, clove, allspice & Mexican oregano

Fourth Course ~ Vegetable Course

Green & White Asparagus Salad
with Recao, Mint, Hibiscus and Cashews.
Vanilla Bean-Habanero Coconut Vinaigrette

Habanero:  Caribbean floral and very hot pepper.

Recao:  sometimes called culantro, this herb has the flavor of cilantro, but is much more intense, and better for cooking than cilantro, which doesn’t retain it’s flavor when heated

Hibiscus:  A tropical flower from the Caribbean, often used to make tea

Fifth Course ~ Dessert

Churros with Mora Dipping Sauce


Chocolate Chile Flan with Kahlua Caramel


Churros:  A Spanish style fried dough, usually served with a dipping sauce

Flan:  a custard dessert very popular in Spain and Latin America made from milk & egg, with a caramel sauce on the bottom.

Mora:  a reddish relative of the blackberry found in high altitude areas in Central and South America, including the Andes mountains.

Executive Chef: Hector Santiago

Mixologist: Paul Calvert

With a little bit of help from: Claire R. Gould & Leslie Santiago

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