Why does it all have to be so hard?

My friends talked me into buying that dumb game Angry Birds well I have to sign up with passwords and what if I don’t want to do that. What if I just want to play the game I bought ? what is so wrong with that. The same goes with trying to get meeting space. Why is it so darn difficult.  Wynn Las Vegas wants $80,000++ for a buyoutout. DO THEY REALLY think their food in the second tier steakhouse is that good? No one can give you a straight answer on anything it is ridiculous.   And to even talk to someone you have to leave a lot of personal information that technically is none of their business.

Well, I am up in PA and really enjoying being up here. The weather is beautiful and seeing some of my friends is so nice. We are in the midst of breaking out the property lines. This will bring down the price of my father’s house enough if we split out the lots. He told me to think about doing this prior to his passing if I had a hard time with the lots.  The time has come to do just that.

Pam is down sleeping the night on Lenny’s boat so I have the place to myself. I had a big dentist appointment today so I slept most of the day.

Also I am back to getting the web site done.  I have all month of July to think it through and get content to the guy who is developing it for me.  This is harder than what it looks that is for sure. But I really want to use this weekend to make some serious headway on it so when August comes we can go ahead and get it going, I also need to think about getting some business on the books.

I went on Tuesday with Pam – we spent the day in Shadyside eating and walking around. Then we went to the strip district.  Went into a great little seafood restaurant. Lucky for us it was Taco Tuesday. They had fish tacos with  a mixture of fresh fish in the taco for 2 @$4.99  They were quite good. Then we went to the famous place that has homemade biscotti in every flavor. I got the bag of broken pieces for $5.00 which turned out to be a good deal.

I am going to bed. Tired – This is my story for now

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