Memorial Day Weekend

We did our third annual famly get together in memory of dad.  He started this tradition of all of us gettng together the last year he was alive. Instead of doing it in PA we do it in Atlanta which geographically makes more sense.  My cousin and her daughter came down with all of us.  Overall it was a nice weekend.  We went to Friday night services which Rabbi did a great job with it being Memorial Day.  As usual all the cousins got along splendid and spent the majority of the time at the pool.

We ended up having a clients of mine son Hampton who ended up being such a love bug. We had no problems from him at all the entire weekend.  We all played with him and he had a lot of fun being with us. We even had Hampton jumping off the side of Bruce’s wall by the end of the weekend.

Food wise Bruce did babyback ribs off the grill that he bought at Costco. We used Viking’s BBQ sauce that I got a the AFWF and the sauce was good.  If you wanted it a touch spicer then you had  the flexiblity to “add” your own mixture to the very good base.

Sunday night dinner we went to China Cooks which was fabulous. For me that is by far the best Chinese restaurant in Atlanta and probably that I have ever been too. The food is excellent.  We made sure Steve’s kids got to try a variety of foods that are new to them.  Since my nieces are closer and eat with me more often they know the drill.

Yesterday i was a slug and did a lot of nothing. Today my “to do list” is a mile long as I am need to write my monthly morsel as well as finish retweeking menus for Paris for one of my clients.

That is my story for now . . . .


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