I just finished watching a cheesy Lifetime movie while my butt was on the treadmill. Only this one wasn’t so cheesy. It was a bio on Coco Chanel.  Now that gal was definitely a modern woman of her time and to me always will be.  Hard working, fabulous sense of style and more important determined.  The gist of the movie was highlighting her humble beginnings loving the man loosing the man, getting the man back, and then loosing him again when he was killed in a car accident ~ all while telling her fashion story. What really hit home to me  was towards the end of the movie she sold the company while planning a collection that technically she wasn’t allowed to show.  She signed the paperwork to sell her company.  The ink was dry.  BUT since Coco was s a screw’em kinda gal she moved forward anyway with her collection.  In true Hollywood form the collection was a success and all lived happily ever after. 

 So what is the point of the subject line being Timeless?  Two words – Coco Chanel.  While watching this movie and the fashions of  over 60+ years ago I realized I really like the word timeless.  Especially when they showed the fashions from her  forbidden collection. Any woman could walk down the street wearing those garments today and still be very chic and sophisticated.  I realize that timeless to me – is another way of saying “always in style” .

Now I am going to switch gears over to culinary – and still using the word timeless. That will also apply to food when a chef knows, pracitces and has a clear understanding of the culinary basics.  I wrote this several years ago in my newsletter and I will repeat it now. When people ask me what is in style with culinary – I tell them clean ingredients that are properly used. Honor the food, buy the best you can with the budget you have, cook these ingredients accordingly, don’t bastardize the food.  Mentally maintain the timeless philosophy and learn to be true to yourself just like Ms. Chanel. If you think and work  within  those guidelines and you along with Ms. Chanel will never go out of style you will be “timeless”.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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