Made it home from Phoenix and ended up sleeping most of the day. I was so tired.  Had a great experience with the JW Desert Ridge catering and banqueting team.  Learned a lot of thngs along the was as I am sure they did as well. Going to post several pictures tomorrrow of the food that we did during the week. I found that I really have come to like their banquet chef who has been with Marriott for 25 years.  Sam really cares about what he is doing but more important he is very good with understanding banquet timing but even more important he has done a good job of listening to his customer.  I am a unique customer because I am so specific about what I want – this took a couple of go rounds but by the end of the week he totally got it. 

Also I learned if you want to marinade a veggie salad you need to blanche off the veggies before you do it this way the marinade will soak through the veggies which is what you want.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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