Pastry Chef’s

What I have learned over the past several months is that when I work with pastry chef’s who are active in National Competitions is that I can expect desserts that are a  strong OK but nothing great by any stretch in the “excitement or interesting department”.

I have worked with 2 such pastry guys in past months and sure it sounds impressive that they are active in National Pastry Competitions let’s face it they are passionate about what they do- but what does that mean for me or our client – the person paying their salary?   What it means is to expect the same old same old. Reality is they are still working off their corporate same ol’ recipes.  And it is these pastry guys that I find that getting anything ultra creative or interesting out of them is like pulling teeth.  I hear all about their competition – the TV’s shows they are on – so I think great – I can’t wait to see what they have for me – it seems all their creative juices go into the competition and NOT INTO the guest experience.  Doesn’t mean that these guys don’t care about what they do and the quality – because they do…just when I am on my knees wanting something that is really going to impress the guest and want not just a WOW factor but a mind blowing experience I have to come to realize with a heavy heart that these competitive type of pastry guys are going to be the last place I am going to find it.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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