Rub Rub Rub

After a long day moving all our stuff out of my old friends defunct restaurant. I invited a couple of the folks over to my house for dinner. Steve who is a fantastic grill master stepped right up to the plate – of steaks that is to do his grill magic. He asked if I had any seasoning. Actually that I did have – chef’s always give me their version of rubs and spices as a gift. So I gave him an array of things to sample. He did something interesting – first he smelled and then tasted the rubs to make sure they weren’t salty. Let’s face it a salty rub is going to dry out the meat and well let’s state the obvious – make the meat salty. He then coated the steaks with Olive Oil – and then put on a TON OF RUB – I said WAIT what are you doing! Too much – he said calm down not too much. If it isn’t a salty rub you are fine with evenly putting what looks like a lot on as when you go to eat it is ends up not being too much. The steaks were delicious and he was correct.

I hope this helps many of you as we are all firing up our grills this summer.
That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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