A x-friend of mine recently closed down 2 restaurants.  It is the old saying in life it isn’t what you do but how you do it.  Well she didn’t really do it – with grace, style, nor consideration of others and how those around her are being affected.  Closing down was going to be inevidible as it is easy to blame it on the economy but more important “her heart” was no longer into it.  Then you slowly become bitter with having this ball and chain around your ankle and you just want out.  What she doesn’t realize is that this is ALL OK. Just do it with style, grace and consideration of others.  We are all wallking around a bit shocked at her self-centeredness in how she didn’t even say good bye to her employees some being there for over 20  years.  She had the Assistant  – close it down for her.  The one restaurant has been a fixture in Atlanta for close to 30 years.  I do feel strongly that someone else will come and open up this Atlanta fixture – but  what is sad – is to watch someone who was a good friend loose moral and integrity as they get older.  You are supposed to develop a better understanding of with age – not head in the other direction.

I had a big discussion with my wise dad today about this. He said tell your friends not to get upset because we aren’t reading off her blueprint.  I agree – I think her very unethical husband is involved with a lot of this…her toxic behavior began when she seriously started dating him.  Dad said the 2 of them drew up a blueprint of what this looks like a long time ago.  My friends who are very affected by this bad situation aren’t looking at her blueprint. Her blueprint is designed to be all about her  – and technically all’s she is doing is following her blueprint that her and the questionable husband drew up.  We on the other hand are looking at “our” blueprint that is Titled doing the right thing.  It isn’t on their radar screen to do the right thing – it is on their radar screen to get the most out of it for themsevles and that is the blueprint they are following.  Dad wisely told me watch and learn from this situation and then walk away.

What I continue to learn through life is that “someone who has class” comes in many different formats and ways.  She always wanted you to think she had class – drives a nice car, lives in an amazing home, shops only at the best stores money can buy did lovely entertaining.  But at the end of the day  – she screwed all her friends and business partners over without a care in the world for anyone but herself.  So let’s go back to square 1 and lets define class?  I don’t know what class means because those who make a big deal about having  class and acting in font of you how classy they are – I am learning are truly the people who DON’T have it.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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