Spices that make no sense

Had a menu tasting at Emeril’s Tschop Tschop tonight in Orlando. I sat at the bar and tried several different dishes. One of the items the GM brought me is edamame beans that are steamed then sauteed and then has a mix of the kitchen’s very special spices.  STOP ! FREEZE! do not go any further.  When you steam these beans and then sautee then they come out OVERCOOKED aka mushy very mushy.  Then the seasoning that chef put on top of them didn’t make any sense at all.  Thinks of mushy peas we all had as kids and you have a good understand of the tastes that were going through my mouth. Plus the spices didn’t ADD to the flavor of the dish – it was “just there” nothing more nothing less.  So if this is the case don’t do the seasoning keep to the traditional good ole’ seasalt. I told the GM that these were way overcooked these beans should be al dente and not tasted mooshy.  He took them back to the chef and told me that this is the way the chef wants this.  Which I thought was bizarre because these beans are not meant to be eaten overcooked.  He should have just admited this wasn’t working and took it all back to the drawing board. My favorite bites tonight was crabcakes he did an excellent job on those and a seared tuna dish. The kitchen served it with fingerling potatoes which is out of context and bonehead way to serve this beautiful tuna. I had them do it with a crispy rice cake that was delicious and in context with the dish and the flavors of their Asian themed restaurant.p1030808.

This is my “dish” for tonight and I am sticking to it.


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