My inspirational father

My dad has been diagnosed with a nasty form of cancer about 7 months ago.  So far he isn’t beating it but he is able to maintain and he went for another CAT SCan last week and tomorrow he finds out the results as to whether or not the tumor has remained the same size or not.

This is what he has written me.

Thanks for the good wishes, …………….. I sit here and shake my head and overwhelmed at the love and support from the family and you in particular. You have been very close and loving and I am grateful.
I would rather be building model airplanes then getting a CAT scan however, the CAT scan will probably keep me building models for a very long time.
I will be OK, ….. NO, ….. I am OK !!!!! and very grateful. I am learning how to dance in the rain and at times, ….. I don’t even get wet.
Love always, ……………. Dad

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