DWD – April 12, 2009

I am in PA having a wonderful weekend with my father. I talked my sister into coming up and surprising him.  And that he was.  She just left and he and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking about his friend Kenny.  Kenny is 1/2 of my fathers age which would put him in around 40 years old.  He is a salt of the earth type of guy who has a heart that is probably too big.  Kenny is definitely a Western, PA boy – get up at 5:00 am every morning and drives the company 18 wheeler all around the area delivery construction supplies for a local company.  Goes to church on Sunday, participates in the Church bowling league etc.  My father knows Kenny because they both are very active with flying radio control airplanes.  Kenny is a very good builder and sometimes comes over to help my father out.  Kenny this past year went through a divorce. He took it very hard because in his world this wasn’t what marriage is all about. On top of it he had a lawyer that was taking advantage of his sweet nature.  He would come visit my father as he was recuperatingfrom his surgery and then having to transition into his life of living with cancer – and Kenny would tell my father his tales of divorce/the lawyers/ the finances/ his x wife.  My father helped him on several occasions with writing letters and action steps to help Kenny gain some control of this divorce situation.  After my father helped navigate Kenny through Kenny said “Doc what do I owe you”. You spent a lot of time and energy on me and I want to pay you back.  My father said Kenny you do owe – because this was a learning situation and you got an education.  Education does cost something –  but you don’t owe me – you owe the next person to pay it forward.  Take what you learned from this situation and if and when you come across someone that you can help with your new found knowledge then you do owe it – to help them out just as I did you.

That my folks is my father’s story for now and he is sticking to it.


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