Who owns what?

I had something happen to me before that has never happened.  My client is doing an event in a part of the country that not many of us or her guests would be familiar with.  So in order to create a kool guest experience the opening night – we decided to write her dinner menu around some of the history of the area.  I have done similiar things before with great success. This particular menu has a story about the state and then an food item to support the story paragraph. The goal at the end of this dinner is that their guests are going to walk away not only with a great meal but with some history of the area along with some of the food items folks would have eaten when the state was being settled. 

I forwarded this to the chef and catering manager – this story and the catering manager came back to me and very nicely said – is all this jibber jabber going to be on the menu because the chef doesn’t appreciate his food being presented in this fashion.  WHAT??? I wiped my eyes clean to make sure I was looking at this correctly and went back to her and kindly asked am I reading this correctly? YOUR CHEF doesn’t like the way the menu is written telling the story of the history of the area? And she said yes he doesn’t want his food being presented like that and wants the story part to go away and just write the menu.  Well if I did that the menu wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful. But what occured to me is that  – it isn’t his food.  It is my client’s food. HE put a price to the menu and it isn’t his job to control how the menu is being presented as long as the ingredients are all being listed correctly. IT IS HIS JOB to make sure he delivers what he agreed to from the plate on out – not from the paper.  He doesn’t own the food anymore when my client agreed to the purchase price it is her food not his.  Chef’s understand you are working for the clients – the clients aren’t working for you.

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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