The Palm Steaks


I had the absolute honor of spending the night at one of my client’s house while working in California.  What they have started to do when entertaining is getting Steaks from the Palm the are specifically packaged for the house.  Kim just marinaded them for 24 hours in soy and worsteirshire and her husband tossed them on the grill.  Want to talk delicious! Beyond.  If you want to do something high end then get steaks from these high end steak restaurants that are specifically packaged for the house.

Now if your budget is a little on the tighter side this year but want to do something better than Kroger/Publix etc then I would recommend going to Whole Foods – their meat is very good. I just tend to get the cut a little thinner than normally to save a couple of bucks that way and  you get an increased value.

For dessert Kim did a very easy to make souffle that I feel anyone could do with success. So do know those recipes are out there.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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