Attendant Fees

Hi Folks, cover year ears now because I am crabbing a huge storm over this. While working at a Marriott I was charged attendant fees for 2 action stations.

$150.00 per attendant for a 3 hour function.  This is where we need to pay attention…say NO to an attendant at that price and tell them you want a qualified chef. I walked into the banquet room and they were taking 2 very tiny women in their banquet uniforms and telling them to put on their chef’s jackets OVER THEIR uniforms  and this was qualifing them to be an attendant at $150.00 per event.  They didn’t look nice and neat and they weren’t train to interact appropraitely with the guest. So was my client getting their $150.00 worth.  NO! Technically they were a server who was plating food at that station.  There was no cooking involved they just ended up plating the food.  I was totally pissed. The jacket didn’t even begin to fit these very quiet tiny women. The chef’s jacket came down to their knees.  And I said NO, give me a chef – there is nothing here that qualifies them to be on the floor interacting with guests.  I also feel that there should be 2 tiers of fees. Attendant at $75 and a chef at $150.00 and I can choose which one that I want when active cooking isn’t involved.  No, and I can tell you know I screamed LOUD about this until the Marriott sent in properly trained and dressed chef’s to do the stations.  Folks there are a lot of times the hotels continue to rip off the customer from a banqueting persepective and we do owe it to the industry to lean to say UNACCEPTABLE.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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