W Hotels


I went to 2 W hotels during the course of a week. This is addition to a couple of the other ones that I have been to across the country. Folks, I have to tell you that it is a chain I can’t put my arms around. They remind me of the gal in college or on our first jobs that really wanted to look amazing in the little black dress but at the end of the day it came up short. I am all about flippant and kitchy – I love it and use it a lot in my work there is a place in this world for it. BUT only if it is done that people aren’t affended by it and they understand it. To me, with the W’s this isn’t the case.

Allow me to explain.

I am old school hospitality – hotels are in the hospitality business.  So with that being said we are in the business to make people feel WELCOME.  We want our guest to feel GOOD about giving us their money.  When I walked into the latest W after having to weave your way around this middle staircase that was so difficult to get around there are these 3 pods.  No nothing that announces what it is – they are assuming that you automatically know what it is and there is a small sign on it that reads “WHATEVER” .  That is their greeting to their guests.  Nothing warm and inviting about that. Just rude and flippant.  No my cup of tea on any level and you will find the same throughout their properties.  And if they are wanting to have international guests at their properties – because as it would all get lost in translation. 

This is my story for now and I am sticking to it.


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