Taxi Cabs

July 30 – Today we took a taxi out to the OHC – Olympic Hospitality Center. This is where all the corporate sponsors are going to be. The Chinese like to keep everyone guessing by constantly changing the routes to get to this area. They told Wan – the gal who I am working for that starting tomorrow we are to have our Hospo area staffed at the OHC. This isn’t happening as we were just told and aren’t prepared for we are going to start on Aug 1 having it staffed from 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm per their request.

Today when we got into the cab one of our guys was eating a granola bar. The taxi cab driver – female freaked out because if she is randomly stopped and her taxi is dirty she will be fined and they will impound her car until after the games. She told us she spends her free time making sure her cab is spotless. We had her wait for us at the OHC for about 3 hours and her total fee was 300 RMB which is the equivelent to $50 USD which also included our ride back and forth.

On Sunday we went to the Great Wall. The section we went to is about 1.30 hours from our hotel. The wall is very narrow and you have to be careful with your footing. Our guide Jerry – lots of Chinese choose the American name of Jerry for some reason gave us some interesting stat’s on China. 20 years ago there were only 5000 cars in the entire country today they are at 3 million..Bikes are still the main form of transportation…the entire country has 600,000 bikes. No wonder these people are so thin…OK, I need to get back to work that is it for now.

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